Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 BUGS Fall Camping Trip

Despite rain and wind, we had a great turnout of sixteen wonderful folks for our annual fall camping trip.  The destination was Pittsfield State Forest in Western Massachusetts where we camped for both evenings in the Lulu Pond group site.  On Saturday we hiked to the highest point in Massachusetts--Mount Greylock--and were rewarded for our efforts with some tasty apple cider to enjoy in the mysterious fog that shrouded the top.  Aside from the usual s'mores (this time with peanut butter cups!), our evening feast also included fresh corn on the cob bought from an adorable farming couple and roasted to perfection in our enormous double-ring campfire.  The theme of Sunday was dinosaurs, beginning with a rousing game of T-Rex Frisbee and continuing with a stop at the dinosaur footprints of Holyoke, MA.  Interpretive dances were performed with enthusiasm and everyone learned a lot about how the geology of New England was formed in the process.

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  1. You know... T-Rex Frisbee are generally called dinosaur points. you can also be a pterodactyl where you cannot bend your arms at the elbows (1) or a brachiosaurus where you can only play with one arm and it has to stay attached to your forehead(2). see references for clarification.